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Sending or receiving digital submissions? Let The Write CRM manage them.

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  • Writing Manager

    Treat your writing career like a business – separate your documents and supporting information into projects – know where you’re going with an organized project manager.

  • Import Contacts

    Import writing contacts from your email and social accounts or from a CSV file.

  • Connect with industry contacts

    Save time by connecting with the right industry contact every time – move your career ahead and sell your work.

  • Set follow up tasks and calendar events

    Setting to-do tasks and event reminders will help your writing career stay on track.

  • Feature full document manager

    File document revisions by project, convert files from Word to EPUB, markup documents using annotation tools, zip files into a folder and create PDF forms.

  • Create writing goals and reports

    Creating writing goals improves your chances of selling your work.

  • Submission platform

    Receive and manage digital content without much effort - saving you time and money - as well as increasing your submission activity.

  • Faster signatures

    Send out documents for instant e-signature - less hassle - no paper required.

  • Organize documents

    Sort your documents into folders, archive for later use, convert into different file formats or zip up and send – organizing documents has never been easier.

  • Custom forms

    Create fillable PDF forms – perfect solution for applications and business documents.

  • Annotate documents

    Markup documents and send out to team members – all in a few clicks.

  • Manage contacts

    Take notes, send email, upload information and follow up with your contacts – even read their Twitter feed - all in one CRM.




Securely process legally binding signatures for NDAs, talent contracts and purchase agreements quickly and efficiently. Perfect tool for agents, managers and publishers. 

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The Write CRM’s e-signature tool is useful for agents, publishers and managers to send contracts and documents to writers and content creators to sign.

Setting up an e-signature is a quick and simple process:

  • Select your document for e-signature from the document manager
  • Then select parties to sign it, including yourself, if required
  • Send your document out and wait for signatures

After your document has been signed by all parties involved, it's returned with all signatures and securely stored in your signature folder located in the document manager. Your document is as official as the original. It’s easy and secure.

Get your documents e-signed today.

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Industry Contacts

Industry Contacts


Query thousands of industry contacts, from agents and publishers to production companies and studios to seek representation and ultimately sell your work.

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Industry Contacts

The Write CRM’s built-in database has over 5,000 industry contacts available to writers. We maintain the list so there is limited research for you to do.

Our comprehensive platform of industry contacts includes listings for:

  • Literary Agents
  • Talent Managers
  • Production Contacts
  • Studio and Network Personnel
Industry Contacts

You can separate industry contacts by region or genre. What’s even better is you can send them quires and documents right from the CRM. Track the submission and create notes for each contact. Not sure what contact you need? No worries, search by industry companies, which range from publisher and production companies to agencies and studios.

Start searching for your industry contacts today.

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Submission Manager

Submission Manager


We’ve created the most efficient platform to receive, review and manage queries, cover letters, contest submissions, applications, documents and content orders.

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Submission Manager

The Write CRM’s submission manager is designed to process hundreds of documents, numerous queries and multiple submission types and formats with limited effort. Why clutter your inbox with unorganized submissions and queries?

With our comprehensive submission manger you’re able to:

  • Create custom forms
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Organize forms and submissions your way
  • Connect submission contacts with the CRM
Submission Manager

Manage your contest, agency or publication submissions without much effort. Link your submission process to our submission manager and take control of the review cycle, notifications and even the payment process, which we don’t take a cut from. What’s your money is yours.

Try our submission manager today.

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We're a small team, but we are always available for support when you need it. We won’t leave you hanging. There are a variety of ways you can contact us at your convenience. Feel free to send a support ticket 24/7 or send us an email.

Knowledge Base

Questions and answers to many of our services and features can be found in our knowledge base. We’ve got hundreds of questions with instructions and screenshots to guide you along the way to help you use our fantastic service.

Learning Center

Visit our Learning Center for video tutorials about The Write CRM's fantastic service. We'd love to share a few quick tips on how to get started using the CRM, and the submission and document manager.


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